Covid-19 Serological Test

COVID-19 Serological Test

To detect the presence of disease-specific antibodies in the blood

Several experts in Canada and around the world support the relevance of using serological tests as a disease monitoring tool. Based on the behavior of most viral infections, the presence of antibodies indicates that a person could develop potential immunity to the virus in question. At the present time, the scientific community still knows very little about the COVID-19 immunity and there is currently no test that can guarantee it or its potential duration.


The COVID-19 serological test (Elecsys® Anti-SARS-CoV-2) aims to identify whether a person has been in contact with the virus and has developed the corresponding antibodies.

A doctor’s prescription is required.

A simple blood sample

To find out more about your immune status

It is important above all to understand that this is not a COVID-19 disease test. So if you have symptoms and want to know if you are contagious or have the disease, this serological test is not for you. We would rather invite you to contact 1 877 644-4545 to be referred to one of the establishments dedicated to the screening for the disease.


In addition, the COVID-19 serologic test is not a diagnostic test, but an indicative test of your immune status. This test consists, first, of a simple blood test carried out by a nurse at one of our private medical clinics. Subsequently, the blood sample is sent to a private laboratory for analysis. The test results are then sent to our team within 5 working days. One of our nurses will contact you by phone to share and explain the results with you.


Since June 5, 2020, this test has received Health Canada licence. However, it is still the subject of research.


Does this test distinguish between different coronaviruses?
This serological test only targets antibodies specific to COVID-19.
Is it possible to take this test if we have not been diagnosed COVID-19, but believed we dit had it?
Yes, this is not a diagnostic or screening test, but an indicative test concerning your specific COVID-19 immune status. It is important that you have had no symptoms for at least 14 days before taking this serology test.
What are the waiting times to receive our results following this test?
5 working days after taking your blood sample with the nurse. Our team will contact you to communicate and explain the results to you.
Is the test licenced by Health Canada?
Yes! Since June 5, 2020, this test has received Health Canada licence. However, this test should not be considered as a diagnostic test, but as an indicative test of the immune status specific to COVID-19.
If we test positive, does this mean that we have already had COVID-19?
Indeed, if the test is positive (unless a false positive), it means that you have already been in contact with the disease enough to have developed antibodies to it.
If we test positive, does that mean we are immune to COVID-19?
Currently, this test does not guarantee immunity to COVID-19. It only detect the presence of disease-specific antibodies in the blood. Similarly, current data do not allow the scientific community to estimate how long such immunity would last (how long your antibodies would protect you against the virus). In this sense, if the COVID-19 serology test were to be positive, we strongly recommend that you continue to follow the security measures issued by the government of Quebec, including social distancing.
If we are tested positive, should we continue to respect social distancing?
Yes! This test does not allow a diagnosis to be made of your immune status, which is still the subject of research. Thus, you must remain careful and respect the instructions issued by the government and public health regarding the pandemic regardless of the result obtained after the test.

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