Varicose vein treatment

through quick and painless injection

Sclerotherapy, commonly referred to as varicose vein treatment, is a medical injection treatment that aims to remove superficial varicose veins from the legs. Before proceeding, your specialist will do a complete check-up and assess exactly which varicose veins require treatment. Following these preliminary steps, your doctor will recommend a treatment tailored to your needs and give you the desired aesthetic results based on your medical condition. The treatment takes about twenty minutes and requires no recovery.

Causes and


Varicose veins most commonly affect women and usually appearing during their mid-thirties. Pregnancy, weakened valves, and obesity are among several risk factors. Although family history may also play a significant role on whether varicose veins will appear, there are several common ways to prevent them. Good eating habits as well as maintaining physical health are especially important in reducing their appearance. Frequently changing your posture at work and wearing flat shoes and looser pants are often recommended.

Give your legs
the attention they deserve


Have you long been concerned about your varicose veins? Our affordable, customized treatments guarantee quick results. Your doctor will opt for the best treatment based on your venous system while taking into account your aesthetic objectives. Results generally range from a major reduction to their complete disappearance. The treatment is safe and side effects, although less severe, are often reversible. Your doctor can explain them to you at your first appointment and will answer all of your questions about side effects.

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