“À la carte” services


Opening a file: $85

No annual fee.
Administrative medical fees $20 +tax per visit.

Regular price 
15 minutes$110
30 minutes$220
45 minutes$330
60 minutes$440
"À la carte" services 
Ear irrigation (1 ear)$40
Ear irrigation (both ears)$55
Resting ECG$45
Flu vaccine$30 / shot
Doctor's note$30

Loyalty plan


Opening a file: $85
Annual fee: $95 +tax

* When opening the file, annual fees are $ 45 + taxes

Loyalty plan 
15 minutes$100
30 minutes$175
45 minutes$250
60 minutes$325

Multiple services included:

  • Ear irrigation (1 per year);
  • Spirometry* (1 per year);
  • Resting ECG* (1 per year);
  • Flu vaccine free of charge;
  • Doctor’s notes free of charge;
  • Travel health appointment (current destination);
  • Brief consultations with a nurse;
  • With 2 same-address loyalty plans, other residents living at this address can enjoy the same benefits without paying the annual fee.

*Additional interpretation

Specialty Medicine

Price per visit$225

Only À la carte fees are applicable
File opening fee : 85$
No annual fee.
Medical and administration fee of 20$ + tax at each visit .
Specialists' fee schedule:
175$15 minutes
225$20 minutes
275$25 minutes
325$30 minutes
Additional fees will be applied for:
Minor surgeriesBlood testing
BiopsiesOther interventions

General Surgery 
Price per visit285$
Additional fees will be applied for Blood testing and other interventions.

Plastic Surgery 
Price per visit99$
Additional fees will be applied for blood testing and other interventions.

Additional fees for:

  • Minor surgeries
  • Biopsies
  • Sampling
  • Procedures
  • Treatments
  • Etc.

Saturday Fee Schedule

À la carte 
File opening fee : 85$
No annual fee.
Medical and administration fee of 20$ + tax at each visit .
Regular fee schedule:
145$15 minutes
180$20 minutes
215$25 minutes
250$30 minutes
Other services charged à la carte:
Ear lavage
40$1 ear
55$2 ears
Flu vaccine30$ / injection
Certificate of attendance30$
Loyalty Plan 
File opening fee:
Annual fee:
*When combined with the file opening fee, the annual fee is offered at 45$ + tax
95$ + tax
Advantageous fee schedule:
125$15 minutes
150$20 minutes
175$25 minutes
200$30 minutes
Ear Lavage1 per year
Spirometry*1 per year
EKG*1 per year
Free flu vaccineConditions may vary
Certificate of attendanceSans frais
Pre-travel vaccine consultation1 per year
Brief nursing phone consults
With the purchase of 2 loyalty plans for patients residing at the same address, the annual fee will be waived for any additional family members living at the same address.
*Additionnal fee applies for the physician’s interpretation

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