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Can't go to the clinic, but still need to talk to an healthcare professional? Whether in teleconsultation or videoconference, you can now consult one of our family doctors, medical specialists or nurses remotely thanks to our telemedicine service.



Taking care of your health is MOST important. Take advantage of multiple telehealth services from home, in total security.

Using technology platforms such as cell phones or computers, you can take advantage of medical advice from home. Family doctors, medical specialists and nurses are now no further than a phone call away!

The world faces a situation of unprecedented uncertainty. Telemedicine at Avenir MD allows you to avoid public places while taking in charge your health problems. Our family doctors, specialists and qualified nurses are there for you!
Whether for an emergency consultation or a prescription renewal, our doctors and nurses are attentive to your needs.
Rest assured that our telemedicine services are offered in the same level of discretion and security as you would have in person.
Available in promotion from $ 99, our telemedicine services are there to accommodate the largest number of Quebecers in their health needs.
Consultation by phone or video, we offer you several time slots to ensure maximum availability. You will be able to speak to a doctor within 24 to 48 working hours!

Lacroix Medical Clinics represents the first and largest network of private clinics in Quebec. Laval, Montreal, Quebec, Gatineau: our clinics are distinguished by the quality of the healthcare experience they offer as well as the variety of services available.

So, if, after consulting in telemedicine, you were to need additional test, treatment or procedure, know that we can be there for you. With more than 42 doctors including dermatologists, podiatrists, surgeons, a neurosurgeon, an orthopedist and a gynecologist, our care potential goes far beyond telehealth.

Telemedicine : What is it Exactly?

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1 844 776-6161

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Avenir MD: member of the largest network of private clinics in Quebec